Students of all ages and skill levels are welcome! Starting as an older student? Darcy has a place for you here.

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Jumpstart:  For little dancers age 3.  This class is a great way to jump start your child’s love of dance. Your child can learn the basics of ballet in an encouraging and welcoming environment with emphasis on musicality, gross motor skill development, social interaction, listening skills, team work and confidence building. This beginner class is the perfect place to start your tiny dancer!

Pre-School I & II: For children age 4 & 5.  This class is a great balanced combination of ballet and tap. It is wonderful for encouraging and developing coordination and self confidence all while building a growing understanding of how to execute basic movements of these disciplines.

Juniors I & II:  For children age 6 & 7.  This class introduces a student to a combination of ballet, tap & jazz/hiphop.  This class is a great way to build a young dancer’s foundation.  Continuing to develop coordination, strength, knowledge and confidence!

Ballet: Develop technique while learning to balance and establish graceful artistry in this class offered at various levels of skill and age. Based on the Cecchetti technique, classes are offered at Recreational and Advanced levels.

Pointe: An advanced class for dancers who have studied Ballet and exhibit the skill required to move forward into Pointe. This class is hand chosen by the director, when a student has earned a space inside of this program. New students interested in this class need to report to the director to see if they qualify

Tap: Students learn to utilize the percussion sound of the tap shoe while focusing on rhythm and form. This class is offered at various levels of skill and age. Recreational and Advanced level classes available.

Jazz: This high energy dance class is a perfect place to “feel” the music, focus on expression and have a great time. Offered at various levels of skill and age as well as recreational and advanced level classes available.

Adult Tap: Find yourself tapping your feet to the beat? This class is for you! Just for fun, this class does not require an on-stage performance. Learn to utilize the percussion sound of the tap while focusing on rhythm and form.

Acro: Acro combines dance technique with precision acrobatic elements. Have a tiny gymnast? This class combines the control and skill required to perform acrobatic movements with the art of dance. Perfect for the dancer who wants to achieve an advanced level in their dance ability in the area of tumbling, walkovers, etc. Acro focuses on increasing strength, flexibility, and creating fluid dance pieces. *Students wishing to take ACRO must also be enrolled in one or more classes at Darcy’s School of Dance

Musical Theatre:  Exploring various aspects of musical theatre, this exciting class guides students on their creative journeys and teaches them skills needed to grow in all aspects of the performing arts. Students will be learning and developing their craft in a positive and nurturing environment, training in voice, dance, acting and creating art!

NEW! Private Vocal Lessons, Highland Dance and Barre Fitness

*Class times may be added during Registration and may be subject to change. Call Darcy for the most up to date information at 519-733-9555.